1. Dimensional Inspections for Extraction and Refining Industry

Dimensional Inspections for Extraction and Refining Industry

ALTO provides services also in the oil sector and supports mining and refining operations with dimensional control of the yards, which are open spaces subject to steep temperature changes.

metrology oil

In the OIL & GAS (extraction and refining) sector, ALTO has introduced tools that can significantly save time compared to traditional measurement methods.

These machines boast a greater level of measurement accuracy.  

ALTO also deals with measurement report management, including automated measurement directly from the software without the need of data transfer to the CAD systems of civil engineering.

Thanks to the portability of the industrial total station and laser tracker we offer competitive on-site inspection for assembly or parts like :
  • Jackup rigs
  • Survey during rig's legs fabbrication
  • Pressure vessels
  • Oil&Gas platforms
  • Verticality ; planarity ; circularity surveys
  • Flare stacks verticality
  • Sub sea scanning
  • Platform and pipe line scanning
  • Plant ; pipe line; scanning with drones


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